Friday, September 16, 2016

Evolution is happening all the time. It takes real time for all the pieces of the puzzle to come together. At each new level of understanding we can see how people, experiences and insight show up for us to see and feel the difference, the space, the joy and the peace. The puzzle starts to look like a divine plan, the tapestry of our journey. The struggle is our resistance to letting go of old habits and beliefs. When we let go of controlling our life and others, each part of our masterpiece can find its own way in its own time. When we allow others the same freedom we contribute to the evolution of all souls. Fear stops us from trusting. Fear can also let us know that there is something or someone we need to let go of. When fear is rising up, be still and breathe consciously allowing your connection to yourself, your Soarce create the impalse to let go.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Let God Interfere, Let God Into Fear, Breathe until the fear is gone. Let Go, Let God, You are free.

Monday, February 13, 2012

"You is kind, You is smart, You is important" from the movie "The Help".

What a moving and powerful film…THE HELP! If only each of us grew up with that mantra so that the lies of self-doubt and unworthiness would stop haunting us. In the movie the main character Abaleen (a black maid and nanny) would say to the 4 year old child that she cares for, these words each day…You is kind, You is smart, You is important. In the movie the mother would ignore her child and treat her badly. The little girl just loved Abaleen and told her that she was her real mom. She felt safe and loved in the arms of her caregiver.

As adults we can become shut down or re-active when we are shamed or feel unloved. Our childhood wounds create an ignition of negative thoughts and feelings. Needing others love and approval continues to keep us reliving patterns and relationships that make us feel not good enough.

It is our responsibility to take care of our emotional body. No one can fix us or take care of us emotionally. Our connection with our inner pain of self-doubt, resentment, guilt, shame and disappointment keeps us available to our own life. If we don’t feel lovable, kind, smart, important or beautiful than it is time to change our beliefs and plug into the void of love inside.

Plugging into someone else to get our needs met will not be healthy for us either. Walking on eggshells and becoming inauthentic when it comes to our relationships will eventually turn others off and cause us resentment and disappointment.

When we are needy for love we put up with disrespect and abusive behavior. Controlling others for love has conditions and creates unsafe experiences within any relationship.
Our void of love is connected to self-worth issues stemming from childhood beliefs.

Put the energy into becoming a healthy man or woman. Become authentic and attractive from within and attract your reflection.

Move away any negative feelings about yourself and become connected to your valuable, lovable and worthy self.

Look at your significant relationships and acknowledge the truth.

Discover how to love and be loved!
Say outloud! "I am kind, I am smart and I am important"!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Make The Choice To Connect

I fed my spirit with time needed and reconnected to my daily pleasures and joyful nurchering.

No one will give us the time to take care of ourself, it is always our choice and our planning.

When days are so full I try to wake up with the sunrise and connect within as I breathe in consciously the precious moments of care giving for myself.

Rushing around with deadlines and details continue to try to take me away from the importance of my needs.

Days seem to fly by and the detication to my health and wellness has to be woven into everything I do.

When I care and support myself I will be supported and resentment won't build up and make me a victim.

Uncomfortable negativity can be released when I acknowledge my feelings.
When my heart opens I connect to the presence and moving forward is easier.

I look at any emotional pain as a great opportunity to be with myself.

Safe communication and intimacy with loved ones can be the pathway to awarness.

Choosing to care for my own heart continues to create a sacred space for anyone who enters my daily life.

Day and night time rituals keep me connected with my mind, body, soul and spirit.

Make the choice to connect!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Mother's Faith

Every picture that I have seen of our Mother when she was pregnant seemed to capture how she just glowed in a radiance of love. She was told that she could never have children and her faith created her love story.

It was before ultra sound and the doctor had to rely on his stethoscope as he announced that there was more than one heart beat.

Over the next six months it was becoming obvious that Mom was carrying triplets...there were three separate heart beats and a lot of movement.

Mom's dream wa coming true as she anticipated motherhood.

When she would share her excitement with Dad he would hold her and together they giggled nervously as they embarked on their journey.

I can't imagine how busy it was to have three babies at once.

I miss Mom's stories and I remember how she expressed them with such gratitude. Being a Mother was her greatest gift and accomplishment. This sacred place of memories would resonate with happiness and devotion each time she would share her care giving experience as a young Mom.

It is Mother's Day and I am feeling the beauty of Mom's heart and the journey that she took with Motherhood. I miss you Mom! Thank you for being my inspiration.

Today I celebrate all Mothers with Gratitude.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Each Day Is A New Beginning

Each day is a new beginning, another opportunity to start again, to refresh ourselves and begin to live with more understanding.

Each moment is a precious time for connection within and with another.

Our pain is a doorway to more life.

Every struggle is the pathway to change.

All relationships are the reflection of our inner feelings.

Our breath takes us to physical, emotional and spiritual connection.

Illness moves us to healthy choices.

Time passes... yet being present with our full life creates the presence of more life.

Today let's begin again.....BREATHE.

Release any negative thoughts and feelings.

Forgive this or that...forgive him or her....forgive yourself.

Breathe into compassion....breathe into your heart that is open.

Shine the light as you breathe with ease.

Connect to the presence of love, joy, faith and acceptance.

Begin your day with your life with gratefulness.

End your day feeling peace.

Rest now .....

Dream and manifest your desires.

Begin again....another wonderful chance to be in love.